The registration fee includes coffee breaks on working days of the conference and documentation (proceedings, etc.). However, it does not include accommodation or transportation. The conference dinner, extra paper, extra pages, additional copies of documentation and the social program are optional items.


RegistrationAmount (Mexican Peso $)Amount (Euros €)

Normal paper $ 3, 500.00 220 €
Optional Items
Extra paper $ 1,500.00 130 €
Extra page $ 350.00 25 €
Conference dinner $ 500.00 30 €
Social program $ 300.00 20 €
Additional documentation copy $ 650.00 40 €
General Admission
General public $700.00 50€
Students $350.00 25€
Companies/Enterprises not sponsors $1400.00 100€


Students: It is necessary to provide the proof of student status by a written declaration, stamped and/or signed by the institution where he/she studies.

General public and students: Only includes coffee breaks and access to research, company/industrial and posters sessions, keynote sessions. It does not provide access to the business workshops.

Companies/Enterprises not sponsors of the conference: Access to research, company/industrial, poster sessions, keynote sessions and a business roundtable.

Payment Information

Bank deposit or electronic transfer

Payment must be through a bank deposit as follows:

Receiver Bank information
Bank Name: HSBC
Bank Account: 215003142-6

CLABE: 021210021500314264

ABA: 026003052


Sucursal: 866

Plaza: 21

Bank Address:

Address: Víctor Cervera Pacheco No. 14, Mz 10, L4
City: Guanajuato
State/ Province: Guanajuato
Post/Zip code: 36250
Country: México

Institution Address:

Jalisco S/N, Mineral de Valenciana
City: Guanajuato
State/ Province: Guanajuato
Post/Zip code: 36240
Country: México
Telephone: +52 473 7350800

Scanned payment receipt must be sent to indicating full name of the participant. If an invoice is required, fiscal data must be sent for processing.


Original billings will be sent to the registered e-mail address.