Call for Papers

Three types of papers in english or spanish can be submitted

  • Full paper: Finished or consolidated R&D works. These papers will be assigned an 9/10-page limit.
  • Company or industrial paper: papers that show practical experience, R & D, tools, etc., focused on main topic of the conference. These papers will be assigned to a 6/7-page limit.
  • Poster paper: Ongoing works with relevant preliminary results, will be opened to discussion. These papers will be assigned a 4-page limit.


All topic areas related to Software Processes improvement and Optimization, Big Data and Security in Information and Communication Technology Field. Submitted papers should follow the main themes proposed for the Conference (the topics proposed were not intended as restrictive):

  1. Organizational Models, Standards and Methodologies
  2. Knowledge Management
  3. Software Systems, Applications and Tools
  4. Information and Communication Technologies
  5. Processes in non-software domains (Mining, automotive, aerospace, business, health care, manufacturing, etc.) with a demonstrated relationship to software process challenges

Submitted papers must comply with the format in doc file, must be written in English or Spanish, must not have been published before, not be under review for any other conference or publication and not include any information leading to the authors’ identification. Therefore, the authors’ names, affiliations and bibliographic references will be not included in the version for evaluation by the Program Committee. This information will be only included in the camera-ready version, saved in Word format. All papers will be subjected to a “double-blind review” by at least two members of the Program Committee. Based on Scientific Committee evaluation, a paper can be accepted or rejected by the Conference Chairs. In the later case, if a submitted full or company paper do not cover the requirements to be accepted in the type of paper originally submited, the conference chair can propose the paper to another type, in this case, a full or company paper can be accepted as a poster paper only. In this case, the authors of accepted poster paper should make and print a poster that must be exhibited and presented during the Conference. This poster should follow the specified requeriments.

Time to present the papers:

The authors of accepted full and company or industrial papers will have 15 minutes to present their work in a Conference Work Session; approximately 5 minutes of discussion will follow each presentation. The Conference include Work Sessions where the posters papers will be presented and orally discussed, with a 5 minute limit per poster.


All submissions will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, importance and clarity. Theoretical papers must make a convincing argument for the Relevance of the results to Software Processes Improvement, Security in Information and Communication Technology and Big Data Field. All topic areas related to Software engineering focused but not limited to Software Processes improvement and Security in Information and Communication Technology Field work.