Representation and Contact

The persons indicated below, representative and duly authorized, will participate as elements of contact between the members of the countries and institutions for matters related to this network:

CIMAT, Zacatecas Unit, Mexico. Mail: Telephone: (+52) 492 154 1657, with attention to:

  • Ph.D. Jezreel Mejia-Miranda, Research Associate.
  • Ph.D. Mirna Ariadna Munoz-Mata, Research Associate.
  • Ph.D. Cuauhtemoc Lemus-Olalde, Director.

MPSEI Cathedra, Madrid, Spain:

  • Ph.D. Jose Antonio Calvo-Manzano Villalon, Cathedra Director. Mail:, telephone (+34) 91 336 6924

Medellin’s University, Colombia:

  • Ph.D. Gloria Piedad Gasca-Hurtado, Research Professor and Coordinator of Software Engineering Master’s degree. Mail:, telephone (+57) 4340 5586